International Conference on Ubiquitous Information and Communication 2023


Authors                :  Irmawan Rahyadi, Airlangga Muhammad Syahraihan, Debora Agustina, Dhea Amelia Irawan
Publication date : 2023/1/3
Conference          : 2023 17th International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication (IMCOM)
Pages                    : 1-7
Publisher              : IEEE
Description       :  The development of technology cannot be avoided, including the use of social media, which are currently almost used by all circles and in various fields of life. This study analyzes the using of Twitter from political figures, especially those who will run for Indonesian presidential election in 2024 to attract public attention through their subtle campaigns through Twitter. Using three significant political figures, sampled from few major political influencers in Twitter conversation. When applied to data on Twitter utilization by political figures, qualitative content analysis found that potency to mobilize and interact to their constituents exhibited by the engagement in the platform, suggesting there is a potency to increase the political reach in social media world. In addition to its interactivity characteristic, social media offers a unified, consistent approach to broaden up interactive political environments.